Herb Hoodiny
Moments from my travels around the globe


A few weeks back I had the pleasure to show my mother one of my favorite cities in the world – London. 
 And we were lucky to find this gem in the heart of Brentford just in the West of the city – the Novotel London Brentford.
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Our latest trip to London lead us to busy and yet still very cozy Ealing in the West of London.
Ealing is most famosly known for the distinguished Ealing Studios, which produced plenty of Blockbuster movies and Hit-TV Shows. 
From the very first in black and white to the knowadays super sophistaced - Ealing has motion picture in its veins. Read more..

Arriving in a foreign country, an unfamiliar Airport can be tricky and if you are like me, you don´t want to waste your time and arrive your destination as soon and convenient as possible.

I was lucky that during my trip to Stockholm, I experienced the Arlanda Express. Read more...

 Stockholm has been on top of my list for quite some time and it was about time I took the 90-minute flight up north to visit the capital of Sweden for one day. Especially now as all the Christmas lights are up and Stockholm´s Christmas spirit is as high as you can imagine. Read more...

 Would you ever travel to another city to see a sports event? And not even speaking another country?! Well thats what I did almost exactly one year ago. Today my phone reminded me of that trip and as I went through the photos it brought back all the feelings and of course today is also a NFL sunday. So the vibe to write could not be better. Let me tell you all about how a day at an NFL game goes by! Read more..


Before I took my daughter for the first time on the road I was so anxious and excited at once. I was looking for any kind of advice or help online and I’m sure every parent goes through it. You don’t want your child to go through any kind of distress and let them come along the journey with as much joy as you. Read more..

After reviewing our options for some time it was pretty clear how important it was to us to be as flexible and spontaneous as we can. Public transport and taxis without a baby seat, can be very adventurous and entertaining though. Read more..

Before we finalized our decision to visit Cape Town, we brainstormed for hours with certain criteria’s on our mind, regarding our next destination. Read more..