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In and Out of Stockholm - The Arlanda Express

Arriving in a foreign country, an unfamiliar Airport can be tricky and if you are like me, you don´t want to waste your time and arrive your destination as soon and convenient as possible.

I was lucky that during my trip to Stockholm, I experienced the Arlanda Express. 


A 40 km distance to the city might put you off at first, but if I tell you, that those 40km will take you 20 minutes tops and directly to the city, it probably won´t even matter anymore. And did I mention it goes nonstop?!

Once you arrive it is easy to navigate to the Arlanda Express terminal with the big yellow sign. Once you get there, you can either use one of the ticket machines on the top or at the platform to get your ticket. 

It is also very easy and fast to simply purchase online and have them ready on your smartphone. Which is how I travelled.

They run every 15 minutes and during peak hours even every 10. This already has a calming effect on me to be honest, because even though I want to be efficient, it definitely takes away the rush to the platform.

What really impressed me upfront was the fact how much the company prides itself for being almost always on time. And with almost I mean 96.7% of ALL their trains were on time in November!

On board the convenience continued with complementary wifi, as well as a comfortable and clean interior. But the short train ride only allowed me to check my mails and facetime my daughter, since I was solo on that city trip. 


Once in Stockholm Centralstation you find yourself literally in the center of the city. I started right away to explore the city. 

Even though Arlanda Express allowed me the complimentary ride on their train, all opinions are my own of course and I can highly recommend the trip. Especially if you are travelling with your family and kids!

You can book your tickets right here.


Let me tell you this in conclusion : I gott off the plane in 9:05 and entered central Stockholm at 9:50. That is serious efficiency. Kudos Sweden!