Herb Hoodiny
Moments from my travels around the globe

Why we travelled to Cape Town

Before we finalized our decision to travel to Cape Town, we brainstormed for hours with certain criteria’s on our mind, regarding our next destination.

One, our daughter did not turn 2 yet. So the seat price on long haul flights would still be very affordable for her.

And two, we wanted to make it count and go for a big journey, since our student life with a kid does not allow us to make to many trips during the year.

You really don’t want to waste that window, where you can freely travel with your family.

Throughout the years we travelled a lot of countries and continents but have never been to Africa before, plus this would have been our first big journey with our daughter. So it just had to be special. 

Cape Town seemed ideal with its great infrastructure, pristine beaches and delicious cuisine.

Plus, instagram posts absolutely blew us away. The views, the people, the food! THE FOOD!!

It pretty easily convinced us.

Things that are absolutely priceless are spectacular views and a mood that goes with it. Something you will always connect to that certain place. Cape Town offered that in so many varieties. 

But there was one video on YouTube in particular that convinced me to make my final decision by Jubril and his friend Danielle of PassportHeavy. If you consider going to Cape Town, this is a must. They also have a dope visual video that will blow you away.

Coming from Germany meant no Jetlag. This was a big pro.

We also put this in perspective when booking our flight. You really did not want to land in the middle of the night, somewhere in turkey to change the plane, in order to save some bucks but derail our daughters nighttime.

So we invested a little more and chose Swiss airlines, also meaning the shortest connection from Germany to Cape Town with just a quick stop in Zurich.

And well, they also offered Swiss cheese during the flight. Booked.

The arrival in Cape Town is fast, well organized and it’s easy to locate everything around the airport.

It probably took us 45 mins tops from the moment we landed, to go through customs, get our luggage and start the engine of our rental.

But please note, if you travel with your kids, do not forget to bring along an original birth certificate. You are required to, in order to enter the country.