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A Hollywood Weekend with the Ibis Styles London Ealing

Our latest trip to London lead us to busy and yet still very cozy Ealing in the West of London.
Ealing is most famosly known for the distinguished Ealing Studios, which produced plenty of Blockbuster movies and Hit-TV Shows. 
From the very first in black and white to the knowadays super sophistaced - Ealing has motion picture in its veins.

It is only right, that the Ibis Styles is fully dedicated to movies and the set life.
Once you approach the Hotel, about a 10 minute walk from the local tube, you pass busy restaurants, cafe´s and picturesque buildings. 

To be honest, I am a movie geek ever since I can remember and so it´s easy to say, I fell for the theme with my first step into the Lobby. I glanced at an old-school popcorn machine (which you can feel free to empty at will) in front of me and a stuffed storm trooper guarding the couches. And even though my daughter is still a little too young to know Star Wars, anything she can play with, wins her heart.

And gladly the movie theme continued.
We stayed in a family room on the sixth floor with a view towards the main road and overlooking the south of Ealing. 
The hotel has 6 of those family rooms with a kingsize bed and sleeping couch. My daughter had the pleasure to have the big sleeping couch all to herself and she could not have been more excited. 

Once we reached our floor I was very reliefed to see that Thor himself is guarding the elevators (well maybe it was just a cardboard Thor, but who knows?). We will be safe here. That I am sure of now.
But besides the movie frenzy surrounding the hotel I was also happy to see, how eco friendly they are determined to be. For example they don´t bleach their sheets in order to protect the environment. 

On our way to breakfast it took me a little longer to get there. And no, it is neither my wifes or daughters fault, but because of all the movie quotes and hints towards some of the biggest scenes. I suppose examples like "The bit when they are singing and it´s raining" or "The bit where he tells Luke he is his father" ring a bell.

The breakfast offers a variety for everyone. From varieties of yoghurt with granola, to croissants and my favorite - small, in syrup dipped, pieces of french toast. Yumm! 

While we were eating, I realised they were projecting black and white classic movies on to the wall. And not coincidently they were movies shot in the Ealing studios.

But to be honest, one of my favorite things about our stay came, when my wife and I were still eating breakfast and my daughter was already out and about exploring all the set-wonders of this hotels ground floor. A staffer saw my daughter and popped up with a coloring book and crayons. 

It is this small act of kindness and attentiveness, that makes a mark on me. And honestly it reflects our stay to 100%. The attention to detail, the little things that makes you say "oh, that is a special place!". 

That being said, I can´t wait to return to this family friendly member of the Ibis Styles family and highly recommend it!
You can click here to check their website and book right away.

Disclaimer: Even though are weekend-stay was complimentary, all opinions and experiences are my own.