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Cape Town - Foodie Paradise

I always tent to connect great memories with a destination where I’ve also had amazing meals and coffee.
Pretty sure I’m not the only one.
And if you are like me, then I’m absolutely certain you will fall in love with Cape Town in no time.
Coming from Berlin, I’m really spoiled regarding great international food at affordable prices. But Cape Town is no joke. The Area is much more dense and you can actually do a food hopping trip without spending to much time between places.
And don’t get me started on the coffee. I can say with absolute certainty, that I haven’t had a single bad coffee there. And that’s something.
On the contrary it was super hard to find a solid coffee in New York for example.

I will try to highlight you my top 3 locations (in no particular order) in various categories.
Let me be clear that i can only speak on the locations i have been to and I’m sure there are so many more spots I didn’t have the chance to visit!
Also, because we travel with our daughter and she goes to bed rather early in the evening, we did not go out to dinner anywhere and ate at our AirBnB.
Which has its perks too. I really enjoy going to the supermarket and shopping food like the locals and enjoying the local products.

90 Regent Road, Sea Point
Amazing breakfast! Whether you're a sweet tooth or like eggs. This is the place!

Oranjezicht City Farm Market
Every Saturday/Sunday 9am - 3pm
Granger Bay at the V&A Waterfront

The earlier you get there the better because it gets really crowded starting at around 11 am.
We usually got there by 9 and there were already a bunch of people but we could easily browse among all the fresh food and find us a spot to eat and relax.
After that its a lot of fun to roam and try out what the vendors have to offer and we even regularly bought amazing locally produced clothes for our daughter.
Shoutout to Rupert and Rosie!

Charles Cafe
137 Waterkant St, De Waterkant
The best french toast I had in Cape Town. And not only that, the service and the smiles were exceptional!
Located in the colourful and pretty De Waterkant. You can choose between sitting in front of the Cafe underneath a beautiful tree or you can go all the way upstairs and sit on the roof overlook the quarter.

Bo Kaap Kombuis
7 August St, Schotsche Kloof

I am always very high on local cuisine wherever I go. Really trying to eat the things I can't get my hands on in Berlin.
This family run restaurant really delivers when it comes to the culinary traditions of the Bo Kaap quarter.
The views are spectacular as well, overlooking Table Mountain, thanks to the many glass windows all around.

Seven Colours Eatery at Bay Harbour Market
31 Harbour Road, Hout Bay

Technically this is not a restaurant but they are a vendor at the amazing Bay Harbour Market located in Hout Bay about 30 minutes from Cape Town.
The most traditional, local South African food I found during my time there.
Loved everything about it! While my food was prepped I received an in detail explanation of what I was going to eat and that made it even more special to me.
Highly thankful for this amazing experience!

Madam Taitou
77 Long Street 
Located literally in the heart of Cape Town and in the middle of one of Cape Towns most vibrant streets, Long street.
I personally am not the biggest Long street fan, but this restaurant is an absolute gem!
The interior is very authentic and it gives you a great sense of real ethiopian food. I loved the fact, that you did not get any cutlery and ate with your hands and the rolled up bread.

Origin Coffee
28 Hudson St, De Waterkant

Let me just put it this way: these guys know exactly what they are doing. Every flavour, every origin, every method. Perfection.
Located within a brick house building in beautiful De Waterkant, you can already smell the freshly roasted coffee down the street!

Truth Coffee
36 Buitenkant St
Easily one of the most unique places I ever drank my coffee at.
Bringing together all the vintage coffee equipment/decor you can imagine and combining it with the most modern and fanciest ways to bring you the coffee of your dreams.
I loved every second there and to this day I highly regret I did not buy more coffee to bring along to Berlin.
Personal tip, try the clever dripper coffee! Super intense in its flavour and I l adore fancy gadgets :)

Coco Safar
Artem Centre, 277 Main Road, Sea Point

A very unique and luxurious spot to drink your coffee or fine dessert just a few hundred feet away from the Sea Point promenade.
The interior will leave you marvelled and the various methods to have your favourite coffee as well.
If you want a highlight, as for the Siphon coffee and check out how the Baristas show off there skills. Shoutout to Theo!

I could go on and on about all the amazing places and stops we have made along our way throughout the Western Cape but these are the ones, that absolutely left a mark on me.
If you ever get there. Stop there :)

Special Consideration
Honest Chocolate
64A Wale Street
Had to add a 4th one to the list, because I could not leave any of them out.
I actually did not get the traditional coffee here but opted for the Red Cappuccino(instead of espresso, they prepare it with Rooibosch tea).
Was not disappointed! Such a great alternative, when I´ve already maxed my daily dose of caffeine. Also could not leave without stuff my bag with all there amazing chocolate and luckily some of it made it back home to Berlin!

Have you been to Cape Town and been to a place I haven't? Please drop me a comment! Id gladly visit them the next time I´m there!

PS: I have not been paid or asked by any of these locations :)

Theo Levers working his magic at Coco Safar
This is how you get your coffee at Truth Coffee

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